Eldorado Springs Pool

My baby boy turned 3 this past week. Call me crazy but it seems to go by faster when you have more than one. I slept all day on his birthday, not that he cared as he was living the life of a king in preschool, and worked all night. We chose to celebrate the birth of this little dude a few days later, which because he’s 3, he didn’t seem to mind. 🤷🏼‍♀️

We started out at Eldorado Springs pool. This is one of my favorite places in Colorado. The pool is nothing crazy, it’s probably Olympic sized but is not treated with chlorine but instead natural enzymes. This is one of the best things because chlorine is gross. The pool is nestled with Eldorado State park which we visited last week, that provides the perfect backdrop for a day of fun. Don’t forget the fact that you are transported back in time with oldies coming through the speakers and original signs still posted. The red slide is also the original slide that has been painted numerous times.

They even have a snack bar which is reasonably priced.

The diving board is a favorite for patrons to show off their awesome black flips and other tricks that sometimes end up in a cringeworthy belly flop. I have so many pictures through out the years of Gracie jumping off this board.

The second one is from last year, looks like she had a growth spurt! 😳

Unfortunately, our day was cut short due to stupid thunderstorms (yes we need rain and cooler temps badly but it was the boys birthday! Selfish rant over).

Who wants to get wet while swimming??? 🙄

Til next time Eldo, goodbye. 😄


Jodi’s Race 2018

Here is my annual PSA.

I have a friend who survived ovarian cancer. Every year we support her by joining her team for a 5k in Denver called Jodi’s Race. This past weekend we attended our 5th race. This race is so emotional, seeing all of the survivors identified by their teal shirts and Mardi Gras beads, each strand representing a year in remission. It is hard not to tear up seeing the strength these women have. This year I saw a younger woman who looked frail and sick pushing her wheelchair across the finish line, this was an incredible sight. This was not just women supporting women, this was 2,500 people supporting women. Jodi’s Race is a favorite of mine for this very reason.

I wanted to take a minute to share a little bit about ovarian cancer since it does not have a lot of early symptoms can sometimes go unnoticed until it is too late.

  • Pain in pelvis or abdomen.
  • Bloating or fluid in the abdomen.
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Feeling full quickly
  • Weight loss

Checkout colo-ovariancancer.org for more information on early detection, education and risk factors.

Please do not hesitate to see your doctor if you are having any of these symptoms. Please visit jodisrace.org for more information on the race if you are local to Denver.

Cancer sucks.


IMG_5114 2
This dude is too heavy to carry 3.1 miles. 

Water World

Okay, so hubby sat this one out as he claims he hates swimming in everyone’s pee…whatevs. We loaded up Rogue One (the name of my Nissan Rogue) with my two besties and a bunch of children. This was Keaton’s first trip here and he loved it.

We were fancy and rented a cabana, which I will do every year from now on!

If you get to go to Water World here in the Denver area there are two things you must do.

  1. Get Tube Valet. There are a lot of hills that you have to trek a large multi-person tube up a hill, instead you should pay someone else to do that shit for you.
  2. Rent a cabana. Its expensive, so bring a lot of friends to split the price with. The cabana gives you a home base for everyone and it gets you out of the hot sun for a little bit.
I can never get a picture of this child smiling. Ever.
That is a volcano of ice cream. 3 children could not finish it.
There is my gaggle of children.
And this ended our day.

Open to close, that is the only way to do a water park. Every child is tired. Every adult is bloody exhausted. This is something I started doing with Gracie about 7 years ago and it has grown bigger and better each year. This is why I love summer so much! Get out there and play!


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1 of 43

There are 43 state parks in Colorado, we intend on visiting every single one of them. Today we visited Eldorado Canyon, this was not our first visit here. We intentionally made sure to come here on a weekday (Thursday) because on the weekend there is usually no room left in the park. This is such a popular and some would say over used park. It offers beautiful views and something for everyone.

Also, if you have time right out side the park is Eldorado Springs which is one of my favorite places in Colorado. It is a pool that feels that you are instantly transported to the 1950’s.


We started at the visitor center where I purchased a sticker with the park name, which is a tradition we had on previous trips.  
Obligatory family selfie! My son is such a pisser in every single photo.
This is just for proof that he hates pictures, this is his passport photo. I can’t wait until he hands this over to TSA when he is 13 hahahahahaha!
We took Fowler Trail which was Keaton’s first hike out of the backpack carrier, he’s a big boy now. The drop offs scared me to death but most of us made it out unscathed, my nerves are still shot.
Such a perfect Lion King picture…SIMBAAAA!!!!
My boys.


One of the last pictures of smiles before tears. Keaton fell but the ranger made it all better by getting him a BandAid.

42 parks to go.


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Welcome to our family travels. My name is Katey and I try to create as many memories as I can with my husband and our two children. My husband, Todd and I try to travel with the kids as much as time and money will allow us to do. Some of the most beautiful memories have been the trips we have taken. Gracie, my 11 year old daughter, is always writing about our trips for school assignments. That makes me think what we are doing is a win.

We went to Disney World this past February which I will post about in a bit. Starting this summer we have decided to visit all 43 of our state parks in Colorado. This will take us a few years to accomplish, but I think it will be cool for the kids to say they have been to every state park, even though Keaton won’t remember much of it since he is only 3. In July we will be visiting Buffalo, New York and Canada, and in August I will be headed back to Disney World for my best friend’s bachelorette party! In the mean time, watch for our new adventures all around Colorado and anywhere else we can run away to. In the mean time here a picture of me crossing the finish line of the Star Wars Half Marathon in Disney World in 2017, I was extremely happy to stop moving! Can you tell we like Disney? #disneyworld #travel #canada #buffalo #coloradostateparks #coloradooutdoors Finish line Disney